Basic Menu

Oil massage
 60min¥8,000/ 90min¥11,000/ 120min ¥14,000
Using oil to loosen up your muscles will improve blood circulation and remap blocked lymphatic pathways.
Let yourself be immersed in the flow of thegentle yet energizing strokes to completely unwind your body and mind.
Thai massage 
 60min¥7,000/ 90min¥10,000/ 120min ¥13,000

We apply comfortable rhythmic pressure and slowly stretch out your joints so that your muscles loosen up and your whole body can relax.

Dry  massage       
 60min¥7,000/ 90min¥10,000/ 120min ¥13,000

A combination of hand and elbow technigues are used to ease tension in the muscles.

We target specific areas of  fatigue such as shoulders and back to alleviate stress from your body.

Tok Sen massage 
 60min¥7,500/ 90min¥10,500/ 120min ¥13,500

Tok Sen massage is an ancient northern Thai procedure that uses
a special wooden hammer and taps rhythmically to relax muscles.

Set Menu

 **90min¥11,500/ 120min ¥14,500
Thai&Tok Sen  
 **90min¥11,000/ 120min ¥14,000

Pair Plan 70min (1person35min)

A great pran for 2people.  Pair Plan is one at a time only. 
Pair Oil 70min  
Pair Dry 70min  
Pair Foot 70min  

Special  Plan

Foot reflexology
足裏~膝  Sole to Knee/
Foot(30min)+ [Oil] 
** 90min¥11,500/ 120min ¥14,500
Foot(30min)+ [Dry]or[Thai] 
** 90min¥10,500/ 120min ¥13,500
Facial massage
マッサージ&パック。クレンジングは事前に済ませて下さい。Massage and Mask. Please remove your make-up in advance.
Facial(30min)+ [Oil] 
** 90min¥13,000/ 120min ¥16,000
Facial(30min)+ [Dry]or[Thai] 
** 90min¥12,000/ 120min ¥15,000

Open        13:00~22:00

最終受付/Last Appointment  20:00

※完全予約制/Appointment only





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